New Paradigm

Context Aware solutions based on Business Capabilities and Business Objectives, composed in independent services and running on flexible infrastructure instead of Application Dinos with massive infrastructure dependencies.

Value through Context Awareness

Whereas in the average organization, the processes in place often consist unstructured, everyday processes that have not been modeled, including the handling of exceptions that occur not can be modeled or automated. Likewise, the documents are not unstructured; they describe things for which no formalism has been provided, that could not be captured by the Line-Of-Business systems. These un-modeled processes, documents, and communication have structure; it is merely un-formalized.
We can help the workers and we can improve the processes by providing structure, by discovering structure, and by capturing structure without formalizing the processes, the activities or the documents.
These un-modeled processes are typically collaborative in nature and they rely on human judgment and inter-human relations. The IT infrastructure typically supports the established processes well, but is scrambling to support these other, much costlier ones.
Better support for these would lead to more efficient handling, better-informed decisions, more customer satisfaction, sized opportunities, avoided mishaps, and even better employee satisfaction—all of which add to the bottom line.
This means that improving personal productivity is key to gaining collaborative productivity. We further assert that the means of improving this productivity is through what we call context.


enables you an intuitive use without further training required. Our goals are to enhance your productivity, provide you with relevant information and actions and help you to focus on the essentials.