Semi-automated redaction of sensitive document parts.

SmartWorking Redaction provides

  • Recognition of sensitive information based on predefined rules according to company and addressee.
  • Possibility to review mark-ups of sensitive data.
  • Redaction of documents with one click.
  • Automated creation of log files.
  • Easy adaptation to change in the redaction requirements.
  • Support of document specific collaboration.
   Quality improvements and cost reduction

Increased efficiency and cost savings through accelerated processes and reduction of liablity and sanction risk.
   Focus on the important

Employees can focus on the technical aspect of redacting as time-consuming search is no longer necessary.
   Standarized redaction rules

Standarized and comprehensive redaction without contradictions.
Auditable processes and documentation.
   Accelerated adaptation and clearance

Simple adaptation process due to semantic identification of relevant terms.
Support for faster clearance through automatically structured coordination.