In Need of Different Kinds of Information

Research has shown great demand for effective and targeted communication from marketing to sales. One of the key challenges is that different kinds of sales and product information need to be communicated to the audience. More strategic subjects need more background explanation, while pricing information needs to be available instantly at the seller’s fingertips — at any time, and any place.

Challenge: Information Overload

causes a lot of in-efficiencies in companies -  especially, when it comes to managing valuable content in Power Point slides. Very often, slides are out of date, redundant or simply can't be found by users. O2 was facing this problem with regards to their business partners. They need to quickly find information about the latest O2 products and services them to present to their customers - but finding the right information and creating a meaningful slide deck is cumbersome and time consuming.

Solution: Microsoft Office Integration, Cloud and Web App

Using Combionic SMARTPRESENTATION marketing users can upload, tag and manage slides within their regular Microsoft PowerPoint environment. O2 and Business Partner sales people can conveniently access those slides via app’s on multiple devices. There, they can simply configure the slide deck needed for the next customer meeting and download it as Microsoft PowerPoint’s or Adobe pdf-files.

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Cloud & Security

SMARTPRESENTATION is hosted on Microsoft AZURE Cloud infrastructure. To comply with O2 security standards, the solution has been integrated with the O2 Dealer Gateway. Using single sign-on, business partners can access information from different devices such as Win8 tablets, iPads or Laptops as well as desktop computers using one set of credentials.