One of the biggest challenges organizations are facing especially in the financial and insurance sector are managing the significant and growing numbers of policies, country manuals, customer meeting documentations and procedures that they are required to communicate to employees and demonstrating compliance to regulators, auditors and senior management.
From a legal perspective, Policy Management in Companies is a must. It does not only ease policies creation and audit preparation, but it should be a significant part of Governance-, Risk- and Compliance-Management (GRC).
Policy Counsel, Policy Desk, Compliance Officer and Legal departments are in charge to minimizing legal risks and to ensure employees acting compliant and act compliant with laws, regulations and internal governance rules.
To be compliant is basic for everyone’s job. For many employees of the organizations GRC and the growing numbers on Policies is confusing and disconnected from what they do in their day-to-day working tasks. It is no longer enough to have the proper policies or GRC documentations e.g. as 120 pdf pages; you have to show the operational effectiveness.

Integration by Context

Combionic’s vision and strategy is targeting a wide range of industries, use cases and domain-specific requirements with a great set of adaptable capabilities in content-, workflow-, analytics- and reporting-, and Risk Life Cycle Management. Our solution is to embed Policy Management as part of GRC in the day-to-day functions of all employees.

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Supports the company-wide initiation, authoring of policies and their corresponding lifecycle as well as the successful use in the day to day activities of all employees through a seamless solution that puts the people in the center of activities. We are supporting GRC breadth and depth with on-premise and cloud-based implementation.