Contract Life Cycle Management is the key for all business activities in a company. From a legal perspective, Contract Life Cycle Management does not only ease contract design, contract negotiations, dispute resolution and audit preparation, it should also be a significant part of Governance-, Risk- and Compliance-Management (GRC) solution, e.g. Combionic SMARTPOLICY.
Top 3 reasons for implementing SMARTCONTRACT Life Cycle Management:
  • Avoiding litigation in case od non-compliance with contract terms and conditions.
  • Reducing the cost of and accelerating the process of contract negotiation.
  • Extracting value from existing agreements, means tough financial conditions down-streams to backend systems and usage to track on risks.
Besides the characteristics of every contract type – individual contents, contract partners, terms languages and provisions or conditions, contract and approval processing requirements – there are additional specific aspects for different contract types. Combionic’s vision and strategy is targeting a wide range of industries, use cases and domain-specific requirements with a great set of adaptable capabilities in content-, workflow-, analytics-, reporting-, and risk life cycle management.
SMARTCONTRACT provides capabilities to support these specific needs very flexible. Our technology made it also easy to configure or customize the solution with custom specific features.


Contract Life Cycle Management is the proactive and methodical management of a contract from a first initiation request to the collaborative work out process of the contract including renewals and appropriate filing. Combionic provides mitigation of many of the contracting risks resulting from non-compliance with regard to negotiated terms, conditions of agreements and bad contract management